Insert Congratulatory New Modem!


We’ve Known Each Other For So Long

We got a new modem from $ISP today to make The Slow not be The Slow. I’m big excitement over it!

~ You Know IP Rules, And So Do I ~

I thought there was Something Amiss [tm] when my Preferred Device (OpenWRT router) was not working properly. It would send packets through for ~10 seconds, and then not work for between 20 and 30. Exactly between 20 and 30. This didn’t make any sense to me, but I knew it was a network misconfiguration of some sort.

A Full Packet’s What I’m Syncin’ Of

I wish this could be a great long story about the woes of technology and that my ultimate life goal is to live in a cabin far away from civilization with several wolves all named after Road Rovers, but in actuality, for whatever HECKIN’ reason, $ISP decided that would be the IP address of anything that would connect to it for internet, not This technically makes sense, as the actual address range for the device itself is, but that is irritating. So what do you do?

You wouldn’t get this from any other Vi… Yes, this title is awful, please

laugh, dag nabbit.

TL;DR I changed the router’s network address to be so now it and the modem are happy once again.

ok bye now